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15 April – 6 June 2010

International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana .


Thirty years have passed since the founding of Laibach, a group whose music and performances have become part of cultural history. What many do not know, however, is that Laibach in fact began its career as a visual art group. Images that most of us know from the paintings of the Irwin group – the cross, the coffee cup, the deer, the metal worker – were originally Laibach motifs. They were part of the capital the group invested in the newly established collective Neue Slowenische Kunst in 1984. With the founding of NSK, the visual art tradition Laibach had been creating up to that time was taken over by Irwin.

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the last LAIBACH opus


SONIC SUITE IN THREE ACTS based on Richard Wagner’s Overture To The Tannhäuser And The Singers’ Contest At The Wartburg, Sigfried-Idyll and The Ride Of The Walkyries Read More…